About Us

BrandMe is a marketing firm in New York which focuses on working closely with clients and creating results in sales and marketing.

How We Work

Our team works to increase interest and sales in given markets while reducing the costs to our client. Because of this, we are proud to create long lasting partnerships.


BrandMe continuously generate new customers rapidly for our clients and build effectively to establish longevity with our clients and their acquisitions.

Company Culture

Our hands-on approach with our team helps them development both professionally and personally in their responsibilities as well as with building relationships.

Creative. Always.


Who do you want on your team? Belief in the person working beside you is as important as knowing how well you do your job. We recruit with the utmost respect in what would be a great fit for what people are looking to accomplish for them. Our training is top notch in efficiency and in thoroughness in attention to detail. Our vision is adaptive to people, markets, and clients led by innovation to overcome adversity.  

We are the best solution for any challenge because of the footprint we look to leave, with the world in a better place than which we arrived into it. Putting a creative spin on every single day we look to help rotate the world in a more efficient and effective manner. From mom and pop shops to corporate rocks in the community, we will inspire a change.


Our clients aren’t looking for what we can do for them tomorrow, because we can do it today. Our speed into generating profitable marketing campaigns is unmatched. The clients that we work with have the same trust with us as our customers do, to provide solutions. Our proven track record creates a culture that allows us to develop a consultative bond between consumers, clients, and commerce. Our structure has no limit to achieving solutions because of our worldwide network to search and rescue ideas from all across the globe. One way or another we find a way to help people and clients find what they are looking for, with newly found strategies or experienced examples. 

Mission – To teach, coach, train, and develop people to be able to achieve their goals through a systematic approach of excellent communication.


We take great pride in differentiating ourselves from any competition because of our mindset. Raising the bar and then exceeding expectations is one of the most important parts of every day here. We are different. We set plans and execute with precision. We move at a pace that rivals the above average work ethic with consistency. Our comprehensive and dedication to applied knowledge on who we are dealing with, client or consumer, allows us to figure out the best way to communicate and deliver great service. Doing this daily with an amazing view on positive outcomes because, no matter what the challenge or obstacle, we see opportunity.


We think outside of the box focusing directly on the quality solutions for what’s going to get people talking about you and your company. Campaign strategies that dive into creatively getting customers acquired not just for the today, but also for what’s tomorrow. 

Putting a name and a face to products and services allows us to generate not only customers, but the personal relationship that keeps people wanting more. Creating an on-the-spot solution for the here and now separates us from the company line most are given.

Who we are is based upon what we deliver.

We not only bring a diverse team, tough work ethic, immaculate integrity, and strong student mentality, but a positive mental attitude that eats negatives for breakfast.


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